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What is at issue?

In 2013 the Industrial Emissions Directive has come into force in Germany.
This directive -called IED – rules the approval, operation, monitoring and decommissioning of industrial plants within the European Union.
The directive adopts the provisions of several previously valid guidelines, and it also introduces new regulations. One of these is the implementation of a baseline report in terms of a preventive environmental protection.

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Who is affected and how?

In 2013 the European Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) has been embodied into national German law.
All new or substantially changed industrial plants – as far as they use or produce hazardous substances - must now implement a baseline report prior to initial operation.

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A central feature of my work is to involve the competent authorities at a very early stage. This helps to reduce the effort for your company. Since many years now I have been working with different authorities, I well know their specific requirements and thus I am able to ensure noticeable profit and efficiency for your company.

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Investigation Concept

The first step is the draw up of an investigation concept, assessing whether the implementation of a baseline report is required. The investigation concept is specifically focused on the industrial properties, the intended operations and the substances used at the plant.

Baseline Report

The investigation concept is the basis for the development of the baseline report. The baseline report collects all information regarding the plant-specific hazardous substances, their assessment, as well as the execution of soil and groundwater investigations. This document ensures that you are on the safe and legal side.

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About Us – Elsbroek Ingenieure

“Elsbroek Engineers stands for more than 25 years of experience in the field of contaminated sites and land revitalization. We offer you our increased expertise with regard to the draw up of a Baseline Report, an expertise which we have applied in many different projects. Our particular strength is that we consistently use the legal playground and thus find pragmatic solutions which in the end increase your economic benefits.”



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